• Security systems
  • Data Systems
  • CCTV Systems

Fire and burglary incidents can happen at any time of any day. Alarm systems and surveillance cameras are guaranteed to give you the protection that you need with rates that won't burn a hole in your pocket. It's better to be safe than sorry

Big advantage of home automation are:
- Managing all of your home devices from one place; The convenience factor here is enormous.
- Flexibility for new devices and appliances.
- Maximizing home security.
- Remote control of home functions.
- Increased energy efficiency.
- Improved appliance functionality.
- Home management insights.

We provide professional indoor and outdoor lighting, utilizing unique design, quality installation, and offering ongoing maintenance services. Throughout the years we have developed techniques and insights which make the outcome of our work spectacular, consistent, long-lasting, and as cost efficient as possible.

Dimming is an easy way to enhance a room or create the right light for any activity. And with over 250 lighting levels, dimmer switches make any room more versatile.
In the kitchen, lower lights for dining
In the family room, brighten lights for homework, then dim for movie night
In the bathroom, dim lights to gently start your day
In the nursery, dim lights to check on a sleeping baby

Electric in floor heating provides warmth throughout the whole room, giving a whole new meaning to heating and comfort. We can find the best system for your project, room and floor type.